Exploitation of natural resources

As has been said since 1924 the family owning the same pattern applies to environmental management. The result of this effort is clear: The environmental value of the island of Buda is indisputable. It is the best preserved wetland in Catalonia and one of the most important in Spain in which stands ornithological fauna it harbors.

Because of the recognized conservation work of their owners, the island has become Buda Nature Park (Decree 332/1986). In September 1987 he was listed by the member states of the European Union as a natural area of special relevance for the conservation of birds in accordance with the directive of the birds. Also Special Protection Area for birds (SPA, 79/409 EEC). It was included in the list of Ramsar wetlands of international importance according to resolution of March 15, 1993. Also part of the Special Plan for the Protection of the Natural Environment and Landscape (PEIN) according to the law 12/1985 of protected areas, and most recently was included in the NATURA 2000. Lately it has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

ARGADEL SA supports an environmental cost to the maintenance of an irrigation system obsolete conservation imperatives signed by the same owners, the damage caused by wildlife protected crops, the costs incurred in the management of water and maintenance of roads , roads and bridges trimming the hunting performance at the express wish of the property with the goal of reducing their impact, and restrictions on the use of pesticides on crops jeopardizing their own production, etc. …. All this poses to the COMPANY a cut of their earnings.